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Quality and quality control

"It is easy to start a business but hard to keep it running in good shape" is what Confucius is quoted saying over two thousand years ago. The same applies to purchasing fabrics.

It is relatively easy to buy a shipping container of fabric from abroad. However, to get high-quality fabric, you must work much harder. Furthermore, it is an entirely different story to continuously procure rigorously specified knitted and woven workwear fabrics of even quality. You need reliable manufacturing partners and effective internal quality control for this sort of business.

The main responsibility for the quality of fabrics always lies with the original factory. This is why we select our partners very carefully. Foxa has worked with several reliable factories for a long time, and some of them have been with us since the beginning. We carry out regular checks at our partner factories. We use these visits to ensure that the fabric manufacturing follows the Foxa quality manual. In the Far East, we use our own inspectors to ensure the high quality of fabrics.

We test every completed batch of fabrics before they are shipped to the customer. The fabrics must wait for our approval before shipping. When fabrics arrive at our warehouse in Forssa, we take more samples for testing. This is how we can ensure that our customers receive fabrics of as even quality as possible.

The Foxa textile laboratory in Forssa is one of the most modern in the Nordic countries. The laboratory has a versatile array of machines that can test nearly every technical specification set for knitted and woven workwear fabrics. Having your own laboratory is not only convenient, but also necessary for our current operating model.

To ensure product safety, we require that all our partners comply with the REACH regulation. Nearly every fabric sold by Foxa is also Öko-tex certified.