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Knitted fabrics

In addition to woven fabrics, Foxa also has a wide range of different knitted fabrics. The knitted fabrics are primarily technical materials with special properties. The selection of knitted fabrics includes various fire-resistant fabrics, netting, fleeces and project products.

Foxa has a partnership with the Spanish knitted fabric manufacturer Geisa. Most of Geisa's fabrics are technical warp knitted fabrics, but they also offer some weft knitted fabrics. The main raw materials are polyester, polyamide and elastane. Ready-made products include spacers, netting, velour and elastic knitted fabrics. The intended applications are workwear, sportswear, footwear, upholstery and mattresses. Some Geisa products are stocked in Forssa for quick delivery.

Foxa also works together with Marina Textil, another Spanish manufacturer of knitted and woven fabrics. Marina Textil specialises in fibre-reinforced flame resistant fabrics.

In addition to Geisa and Marina Textil, Foxa works with several other knitted fabric manufacturers, enabling us to provide knitted fabrics for even the most specialised customer needs. We have developed special products for our customers, such as knitted fabrics for patients, sportswear and wool blend underwear.

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