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Foxa Oy was founded in 1990 to develop and procure workwear, military and outdoor clothing fabrics. The company's sales office, textile laboratory and fabric warehouse are located in Forssa, Finland some 100 kilometres from Helsinki. Foxa Oy represents a new model of textile production where core competence is kept close to the customers but manufacturing is located elsewhere. We proudly continue over 170 years of textile tradition in Forssa.

Foxa has the largest selection of workwear fabrics in its market area. Our diverse selection includes textiles from thin nursing staff clothing fabrics to certified fire-resistant fabrics. Various outdoor clothing fabrics and military textiles are also part of our key selection.

Our operations are founded on the best possible textile know-how. This is backed up by our trained and experienced personnel, continuous learning and modern textile laboratory. We offer quick customer service through our comprehensive stock selection. We are able to send out products to customers the day they place the order. We have an extensive partner network of textile factories that enables flexible and versatile product development. We have set clear overall objectives: high-quality products, the best service in the industry and keep our promises.