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Action Quattro

True to its name, Action Quattro contains several protective features in one fabric. It has been developed for outside work where garments have specific safety requirements. In addition to a waterproof and breathable structure, Action Quattro is anti-static, fire resistant and available in EN ISO 20471 high visibility colors. This multi-functional fabric also provides chemical splash protection. The fabric surface has a visible carbon fiber netting, which makes the material anti-static. Action Quattro is a tapable material.


HV Yellow

HV Orange

Composition and weight

70 % PES
29 % PU
1 % Antistatic
220 g/m2


Water and soil repellent finishing


EN ISO 20471
EN 343
EN 1149-5
EN 13034
EN ISO 14116
Oeko-tex SE10-194 RISE

Washing instructions

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