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Klinikka Barrier protects against infections

Foxa has supplemented its range with the new Klinikka Barrier fabric, which can be used in protective clothing for health care personnel. Klinikka Barrier is also very suitable for use in surgical attire, as it has been tested in accordance with standard 13795-1 (Surgical clothing and drapes - Requirements and test methods - Part 1: Surgical drapes and Gowns).

The fabric weighs 97g/m2 and has a composition of 99% polyester + 1% carbon fibre. Klinikka Barrier is an antistatic material with a surface resistance of 10 8-9Ω (42% RH, 21°C). The finish ensures that the fabric has excellent water and soil repellent properties. The material can be industrially washed and can also be sterilized in an autoclave.

Initially, Klinikka Barrier will be available for immediate delivery in light blue. The colour range will be expanded in accordance with customer needs. Special colours can be supplied to order.

The coronavirus epidemic highlighted the vulnerability of the security of supply of protective materials. Disposable protective clothing ran out right at the beginning of the epidemic. Reusable protective clothing protects health care personnel, even in crisis situations. Washable protective materials also significantly reduce the impact on the environment in comparison to disposable products. Protective clothing made from Klinikka Barrier is used in hospitals in several countries.